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Sourcing agent in china
If you’re going to do business in China, a sourcing agent is a necessity since the quality control methods employed in factories there vary greatly. With a sourcing agent you can be guaranteed of getting quality service you paid, something a trading company cannot ensure. In addition to this, a sourcing agent is going to manage all the paperwork, logistics and communications necessary when dealing with suppliers. As anyone who has engaged in sourcing will tell you, getting a reliable supplier is difficult unless you have a representative to help you out. A sourcing agent can be of assistance in other ways such as conducting market research on your behalf, absolutely critical in China as the competition is very tight. As noted earlier, an agent is also tasked with finding a supplier or vendor and is going to help with the price negotiation as well. We provide ongoing effective communication,we ensure that the products you ordered are manufactured and delivered on time, we take care of everything including: * Product Sourcing * Order Processing * Quality Control * Logistics. From the day of your initial enquiry until your goods depart China we are at your beck and call.Our team of dedicated professionals with many years of trading experience between Chinese manufacturers and overseas customers can guarantee that your business experience will be trouble free. We cover all the problem areas such as communications, negotiations, translator services, payment security, factory evaluations, quality assurance (inspection and control) etc...Sourcing agent in China aims to offer our customers a professional service and help resolve the above mentioned problem areas.

Tel :0086-20-22897227,0086-20-22897224      Fax:0086-20-22897224
Add:Room1607,16 floor,Main building of Guangdong Navigation building,NO.48 Baqi er road ,guangzhou,china    
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