Interesting Facts about Canton Fair You May Not Know

By Julie

China Import and Export Fair aka Canton Fair. If you are a businessman engaged in the international trade industry, well I am sure that you have heard of or attended the Canton Fair. It is just like an old friend to us. As a historical witness to the development of China's foreign trade, the Canton Fair faithfully recorded the pace of China's economic growth. Come with us to tell you more interesting facts about the Canton Fair.

  • 1. Why is it called Canton fair instead of Guangzhou fair?
    The Canton Fair was established in the spring of 1957 in Guangzhou. It was later renamed the China Import and Export Fair. But we all call it "Canton Fair" is because at that time Guangzhou still had "Canton" as its English name.

  • 2. Special first Canton Fair badge
    Different from now the plastic badge, the history of the first Canton Fair badge is made of cloth material.

  • 3. The Canton Fair is China's biggest exhibition
    It is a comprehensive international trade exhibition with the longest history, the largest scale, the most complete commodity categories, the most buyers present, and the most widely distributed countries and regions, the best transaction effect, and the best reputation.

  • 4. Owned five exhibition halls and experienced 4 relocations

    • - In 1957, the first Canton Fair was held in the China-Soviet Friendship Building.
    • - In the spring of 1958, the third Canton Fair was moved to the newly built Exhibition hall of Chinese export commodities at no. 3 Qiaoguang Road.
    • - At the end of August 1959, the sixth Canton Fair was moved to the newly built exhibition site, No. 1 Qi Yi Lu, Haizhu Square.
    • - In early April 1974, the Exhibition hall of Liuhua Road was officially inaugurated and the 35th Canton Fair was held.
    • - In 2003, the Autumn Fair opened the Pazhou Complex and started to be used together with the Liuhua Road Complex.
    • - Since the 104th Canton Fair in October 2008, all exhibitions will be transferred to Pazhou Complex, and the two halls have been used together for more than 5 years (10 sessions in total).

  • 5. The Canton Fair has never been stopped for once.
    Since 1957, the Canton Fair has been held in Guangzhou in spring and autumn every year, even during the Great Chinese Famine, the Cultural Revolution, SARS and the global financial crisis.

  • 6. First Online Canton Fair

    Affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, the 127th Canton Fair was held online. This is the first time in the history of the Canton Fair that it was held completely on the Internet. Against the backdrop that the epidemic is still spreading around the world, the risk of world economic recession is rising sharply, and global trade has been severely impacted, the Canton Fair successfully attracted overseas buyers from 217 countries and regions, with the distribution of buyers' sources reaching a new record.
    Those are some of the interesting facts we have gathered for you. Want to know more information about the Canton Fair? Or want to know what kind of preparation is needed before attending the Canton Fair? Check out our next blog post.


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