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If you’re going to do business in China, a sourcing agent is a necessity since the quality control methods employed in factories there vary greatly. With a sourcing agent you can be guaranteed of getting quality service you paid, something a trading company cannot ensure. In addition to this, a sourcing agent is going to manage all the paperwork, logistics and communications necessary when dealing with suppliers. As anyone who has engaged in sourcing will tell you, getting a reliable supplier is difficult unless you have a representative to help you out.
Why choose us
The most important choice of you !We have been working in the field of china sourcing for over 8 years . During this period we have gained rich experience of a wide range of china suppliers . We try our best every time to think about how to lower the cost for our customers ,to make their products are more competitive in their country . Our advantages: 1) Rapid respone to customers. 2) Identifying China source of supplying and negotiating the price 3) Honest between our customers and suppliers 4) Reduce your risk of working suppliers from china 5)Avoid Non-performance of sales contract after payment. More
Agent background
Welcome to Sourcing Agent in China!China has now become the workshop of world industry.An abundance of cheap labour and hi-tech factories assues that this position will be retained for many years to come . Without specialized knowleage and local" on the ground" assistance ,doing business in china can be difficult with many unknow problems. Sourcing agent in china seeks to take the pain and headache out of all your trading in china .We serve as your office in china More
Our Feature
We provide sourcing service to our foreign customers to enable them to overcome the challenges at each step when business in china.Benefits to you: 1. can reduce the risk of working with suppliers from china 2.can perform a quality checking before goods leaving the factory 3.can avoid non-performance of sales contract after payment,and avoid other safer payment arrangement e.g. L/C which costs much bank charges and complicated document works. 4.no need communicate with lot of "windows"and resources and time can be used in a more centralized way 5.saving of business trip cost

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